Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My fun Amazon shopping trip

Ok, it wasn't actually a trip since I was seated at my computer the entire time, but last night I managed to reduce my $89.12 purchase at Amazon.com to $10.47. How'd I do it? Through a combination of promotions you may want to look into.

First, because I spent more than $25 with Amazon, I was able to elect Super Saving Shipping and immediately cut $13.34 off my bill. Anyone can do this.

Next, I had purchased some magazines through Amazon a few weeks ago, when they were offering $10 back, and had a $10 credit in my Amazon account. There was also a mystery $5 credit, I think because they made a mistake on my last order.

With my checkout card indicating I owed $60.78, I applied my $45.19 ecertificate from Coinstar and ended up with an out-of-pocket cost of $20.47.

My order placed, I filled out the Coinstar $10 holiday rebate form and mailed it in, entitling me to $10 back on my order, leaving me with a net cost of $10.47. If only there were a rebate on the two games I purchased...

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