Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free movie ticket - and more - at Walgreens

If you're a woman who uses feminine products, or have other women in your house who can use them, you'll want to take advantage of the current deal at Walgreen's. This week, when you buy three U by Kotex products for $10, you'll receive a Catalina coupon printed at the register for a free movie ticket worth $12.

While that's a great deal, you can make it an even better deal by purchasing three boxes of liners, rather than tampons. When you do, you'll receive a coupon for a free package of Always pads - for each box of liners you buy. It may also work when you purchase pads, but I didn't try it.

So for a total of $10, you'll receive three boxes of U by Kotex pantyliners, a free movie ticket and three coupons for a free package of Always pads.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free 6-pack of Snapple

I just found a terrific rebate form at my local Tops supermarket that you'll definitely want to watch for. The rebate refunds your entire purchase price for a 6-pack of bottles of Snapple. It's not a satisfaction guarantee so you don't have to pretend to dislike it, it's just an incentive to get you to try it.

The pad of forms was on a cardboard display above a wall of 6-packs of various Snapple flavors near the front of my local Tops. I suspect this is a national promotion, so keep a watch for a new promotional display.

My purchase price was $5.99, which I will get back in 4-6 weeks.