Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are You "Spaving?"

Check out this recent article on MSNBC to see if you're a spaver - someone who spends in order to save on things they don't need:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Free Ritz Crackerfuls at Walgreens

One of the freebies at Walgreens this week is packages of Ritz Crackerfuls, which generate a $2 Register Reward when you buy one for $2.00. There is also a $.75 coupon you can use that will give you $.75 to spend on something else.

Some stores have already run out, however, so keep an eye out for trial size packages priced at $.79 as an alternative purchase. You can use your $.75 coupon on those and be able to buy them for $.04 if the full size are not in stock.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cheap Easter Candy

Yes, I know Easter isn't for more than a month, but it sure is hard to resist the delicious candy that has been on display for weeks already, isn't it?

One of my favorite Easter candies is Cadbury eggs. They're only available in early spring, so I enjoy having a few before swimsuit season.

If you're a Cadbury egg fan like I am, or perhaps a Reese's peanut butter egg devotee, you'll want to be on the lookout for a coupon worth $.50/2 that are attached to an in-store display for the candies. I found mine at convenience store FastTrac, if that helps.

This week Rite Aid has Cadbury eggs priced at 2 for $1, so with one of those coupons you can pay $.50 for two. Or use them at a grocery store that doubles and you'll get $1 off your two candies.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Coinstar Bonus is Back - Redeem $40, Get $50

Every holiday season, Coinstar has blessed us with a great bonus offer worthy of mention. For every $40 in coins you redeem at a Coinstar kiosk in exchange for an e-certificate - meaning a gift card you can use online - you will receive a code for an additional $10 to spend at that merchant.

This will not work if you choose to redeem your coins for cash - only if you redeem them for an e-certificate. You can select e-certificates from companies like Amazon, iTunes, Borders and Regal Cinema, to name only a handful of those you can choose from. Turn in those coins before 12/31/10 to qualify to receive a bonus code.

Learn more here at the Coinstar website:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Free Duracell batteries at Staples

Were you among the throngs of shoppers out on Black Friday in search of bargains? Me too. Fortunately, we're seeing that the bargains haven't stopped even though Black Friday is now behind us.

Through December 4th, you can get two 20-packs of Duracell batteries for free, after rebate, at Staples. Each package costs $12.99, which will generate a Staples Rebate form at checkout. When you get home, simply follow the instructions for submitting your rebate online or for mailing it in. Either way, you'll receive $12.99 per package of batteries, up to a maximum of two.

With the holidays fast approaching, you won't want to miss this great deal! Stock up now.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free Backpack at Staples

Free backpacks at Staples... When you buy a backpack at Staples between now and Saturday, you'll receive a print out at the register that allows you to apply for a complete rebate for your purchase. So if you buy a $30 backpack, you will receive a $30 Staples gift card in the next few weeks. Whatever you spend on your backpack (and school is just around the corner), you will get back on a gift card (so you can go back and buy all the other supplies you may need this fall).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

OfficeMax Penny School Supplies

Yes, even more school supplies are up for grabs, this time at OfficeMax. For one dollar each - $1.00 - you can buy up to three of the following:
  • OfficeMax Mechanical Pencil Starter Kit
  • Just Basics 5-pack of Erasers
  • OfficeMax 1-subject, 100-sheet notebook
  • Scotch Magic Tape in Donut Dispenser
  • Post-It 2x2 notes
  • Liquid Paper Correction Fluid
And for $3, you can buy a ream of Boise paper.