Monday, November 17, 2008

Double Play on Wall-E Movie - Final Cost $4.99

If you're thinking of buying the Wall-E DVD, here's how to get it fairly inexpensively this week, thanks to CVS and Minute Maid.

First, CVS is having a special offer, starting tomorrow, 11/18, that will get you the DVD for $9.99. The deal is that when you buy $20 worth of Coke products - including Diet Coke, Sprite, etc. - you can buy the Wall-E DVD for $9.99 if you purchase it in the same transaction. Currently two-liter bottles of Coke products are $1 each and the 12-packs are 3 for $10, both of which are decent prices.

If you have Extra Care Bucks from previous purchases you can use them, too.

Next, after you buy the DVD, you can get a $5 rebate from Minute Maid to further reduce the cost of the movie to $4.99. To qualify for that rebate, you need the form that was in yesterday's Sunday newspaper insert, the receipt and purchase tab from the movie, and the receipt and UPCs from two Minute Maid juices. The sizes that qualify are 64 oz cartons or the 10-pack or 15-pack of juice boxes.

A new release movie for $4.99 is a terrific deal if you were going to be drinking orange juice or soda anyway!

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