Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Circuit City Savings Questionable

You've probably heard by now that electronics retailer Circuit City is closing its doors and has started to sell off its inventory, as of last Saturday. Our local Circuit City was certainly mobbed yesterday as my family and I headed out in search of a bargain. Unfortunately, there were few. Oh, there was merchandise, but almost everything was only 10% off, with CDs and DVDs 20% off, and accessories 30%.

However, if you check the sticker prices, you'll see that much of the items are overpriced by comparison to other stores.

We were looking at a 52" Sony LCD TV. I know, a bit extravagant, but our nearly 10-year-old TV's speakers are shot and we need to get something to replace it. Anyway, Circuit City has it for $2,499, minus 10%. However, a quick search online back at home revealed that you can get it for as little as $1,700 from other stores. We're not ready to plunk down that much cash, but now we know what the threshold is that Circuit City has to cross before we'd buy from them.

I hope you have better luck finding bargains at your local store!

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