Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If all else fails, try haggling

According to a news report on Monday, some desperate retailers are increasingly willing to haggle with customers as the holiday shopping season winds down. Check out this article to see what I'm talking about.

Although it sounds like this practice is more common at smaller stores, keep it in mind as you finish up any last minute holiday shopping today and tomorrow. Ask, "Can you do any better on this?" Or, "Do you have any promotions or special offers going on right now that might bring this price down a little?" If you ask nicely, you may find out that there's a sale starting Friday but that the store is authorized to give you that bargain price today. Or maybe a sale just ended, but they'll extend that price to you now.

You're in a better bargaining position with several items in your shopping basket, but I'd ask for a discount even if you have just one. As my mother often tells me, "It never hurts to ask!"

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